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PDP–Nate Silver’s models, political thermometers, and long term predictions

I have the sense that Nate Silver has been a bit corrupted by the position he’s in at the NYTimes. Back in 2008–he became big DURING the primaries as his statistical models mapped changing levels of support for candidates in … Continue reading

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Really? Seriously? This is your argument against free will and moral responsibility?

Okay.  I read this article about free will in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago and it infuriated me. Then–it was just linked to again on Andrew Sullivan as he linked to this post by Jonah Lehrer … Continue reading

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The Uncertainty of Engineering…

Yesterday I got into an online conversation that actually revolved around religion, atheism, agnosticism and the like. While such conversations, in my experience, often suffer from the implicit uncertainties in the range of meanings of the terms (atheism especially) that … Continue reading

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