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532 Moons. Almost.

1,356,998,400 seconds 22,616,640 minutes 376,944 hours 15,706 days 532 Moons. (almost.. it was actually 531.86) Some numbers in my life.  I arrived at these numbers last tuesday, and, in a sense, they help define who I am. But only partially. … Continue reading

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Time and change

Although I tend to be a rather temperamentally conservative/cautious guy by nature (do not mistake this for political conservatism or I’ll eat you alive..), I do appreciate change–and especially the cyclic change in nature contrasted with the conscious progressive change … Continue reading

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The birth and death of a scene

All things have their time and place. Things begin, they grow, they flourish, they stabilize, they fade, they die.  At least, this is how things that are natural and organic progress.  But not everything is natural in this world. We … Continue reading

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Numbers, Grokking, and Wonder

This is not the post I wanted to write. However, Time-beggars can’t be choosy. This post is about wonder.  Or at least, it’s related to the idea of experiencing a a sense of “wonder” at the universe. It wasn’t originally … Continue reading

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Water and Life

This year’s summer in Wisconsin has been an interesting one.  For the first time in the 13 years that I’ve been living here, we had a substantial drought for the first half of the summer.   Although there have been … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Beauty…

Camp is done. Now I have time to write again. I’ve been thinking about beauty–and have two things I wanted to mention here. I’ve spoken about beauty a couple of times before–and, in my view, one of the central aspects of the … Continue reading

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Time and Meaning Four: Thunder and the Personification of the Sky

The Sun The Moon Light, War, and Gods Fury, Knowledge, and The Gallows Sound, Thunder, Storms and Strength Love, Freedom, and Friends Time, Cutting, Change, and The Harvest These are the days that rule our lives. Although today is the Free-day, I’m … Continue reading

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