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The tension between the symbolic world and the human world

The thoughts that generated this came to me back a month ago. I’m not sure what generated them–but I have a moment, so I’m going to try and get this written out. It deals with the tension that exists between … Continue reading

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Games and Stories….

This nom has been sitting on a sticky note for months now.  It is good that it sat on that sticky note.. as more thoughts, connections, and ideas have become stuck to it in that time. Before I get to … Continue reading

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Marvel Universe vs. DC Universe–Political Underpinnings and Societal Understandings…

Caveat: Please note that I’m not a comics expert–and so this is just an interpretation based on the media that I’ve come across… I claim no expertise here and am TOTALLY open to enlightenment here by those who are more … Continue reading

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The Start of a Game–Thoughts on Transcendent Stories

This is where I start a game with a friend of mine.  She has made a contribution to the greater chaos of  online knowledge that I want to respond to. With regard to my response, let me note out front … Continue reading

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Bone Orchards and the Shadow Moon…

I am rereading American Gods by Neil Gaiman again. This is like the 4th time I’ve done so… and I have the feeling that this will not be the last time that I do so.. nor that this is going to … Continue reading

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Languages: Puzzle or Story…

Two posts in one week. What the Hell?!?!? I know. Astounding. Anyway–today on the bus–since I’ve finally put the bike away for the season (having ridden it since just before St. Patrick’s day until now..)–I was reading a book about … Continue reading

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Comic relief.

If you have never seen Romantically Apocalyptic, you should remedy that immediately. If you’ve never gone through the hundreds of xkcd.com comics, and seen the pain, the power, and the beauty that it represents.. … then I pity you.

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