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The Frost Giants have landed–so bring your axes…

They landed on Monday and were here through Tuesday–and then many of them fled to the east. Not all, of course… but at least we are now back to normal winter temperatures that are at least above zero during the … Continue reading

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Metaphors of Material

Listen to this and start reading… What is strong? What is hard? Something made of stone, maybe? Or carbon dust. Transformed. Bound. Diamonds in the rough An eight year old says to a man–whom she had known as a 5 … Continue reading

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Addendum to the Nature & Meaning of Relationships

Recently a new acquaintance went through a pretty traumatic break up.  I won’t go into details, but in a periods where I was helping her work through some nastiness I had the occasion to talk to her the Nature & … Continue reading

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Nice and Kind

Be nice. Or maybe.. Be kind. But which is it?  Are they the same?  Or are they subtly different? Say both out loud. When I say “be nice”–it means something that usually entails a kind of rebuke that implies that … Continue reading

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What do you Do?

Sorry. It’s been a while. Here’s a picture of our awesome ninja murder kitty to make up for my absence: I’ve been doing things again.  Rather, stuff has been occurring that has required me to do things other than write … Continue reading

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When Central Governments are Kinda Helpful

Looking at this map: Horn of Africa Famine Information–Summer 2011 … one can discern some interesting information.. or at least make some interesting inferences.  As Andrew Sullivan has noted here, the true level of “famine” stops at the Somali border–not … Continue reading

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Propagation and Consolidation pt. 2–Communication Styles

So the issue of extraversion vs introversion came up again.  Actually, it came up a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy that I didn’t really have time to spend writing this particular blog post out.. But today … Continue reading

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A bit about me…

Data for those who want to improve their simulations of me… (It’s Marcel Proust’s famous interview questionnaire..) 1) What is your idea of perfect happiness? The life I’m living. Although I take issue with “perfect”–because “perfect” comes from perfectum==> from … Continue reading

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Indo-European Root Words–Translation and Metaphor–pt. 2c-Verbs

Wow… It is hot today.. and I’ve finally gotten to a point where I have a free hour to try and bang out this final part of the Indo-European Root Words that I’ve analyzed. Interestingly enough, there are more verbs … Continue reading

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Propagation vs. Consolidation

A thought/observation/idea that’s been becoming more and more important in my perceptions of reality, social relationships, etc., comes out of a lot of reading about Myers-Briggs and watching various real life events unfold around me. In particular, it is an … Continue reading

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