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The limits of being undefined

So.. yesterday, something really interesting happened. Here’s the scenario: I was working with one of my stepdaughters to help find her books for her first upcoming college semester.  She had signed up for classes and my best half had wanted … Continue reading

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Time and change

Although I tend to be a rather temperamentally conservative/cautious guy by nature (do not mistake this for political conservatism or I’ll eat you alive..), I do appreciate change–and especially the cyclic change in nature contrasted with the conscious progressive change … Continue reading

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Creation of Worlds

Where do you create your worlds? I create mine on the inside. Within me. Millions and billions of them. I have always done this–it always came naturally–and part of me–despite knowing the differences between how people see and experience the … Continue reading

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The birth and death of a scene

All things have their time and place. Things begin, they grow, they flourish, they stabilize, they fade, they die.  At least, this is how things that are natural and organic progress.  But not everything is natural in this world. We … Continue reading

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The tension between the symbolic world and the human world

The thoughts that generated this came to me back a month ago. I’m not sure what generated them–but I have a moment, so I’m going to try and get this written out. It deals with the tension that exists between … Continue reading

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5 year plan.

I have these ideas. Or rather–I observe/grok something.. (I would be hard-pressed to distinguish whether this is really a perception-driven phenomenon or a reflection-induced realization… or whether there is any time lag between them… ) and then I try to … Continue reading

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The Hidden Brutality of Innumeracy

This is a post about Rape.  It is a post about how numbers relate to the incidence of rape in our country and what understanding and misunderstandings that engenders.  It does not talk about the specifics of rape or any … Continue reading

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