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Simplicity of the Devil

It started with a friend wondering in which song the lyric, “Just as every cop is a criminal And all the sinners saints” came from as he reflected on the events of the past week. Fergusson, MO.  Michael Brown.  At … Continue reading

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The tension between the symbolic world and the human world

The thoughts that generated this came to me back a month ago. I’m not sure what generated them–but I have a moment, so I’m going to try and get this written out. It deals with the tension that exists between … Continue reading

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I’ve seen a lot of talk about racial-profiling recently.  This talk is good in that it brings to the forefront a huge problem in our culture. Racism. Since Trayvon Martin’s death and the subsequent trial finding George Zimmermann innocent, there’s … Continue reading

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The Hidden Brutality of Innumeracy

This is a post about Rape.  It is a post about how numbers relate to the incidence of rape in our country and what understanding and misunderstandings that engenders.  It does not talk about the specifics of rape or any … Continue reading

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Rape Culture must die.

This post is not like the others on here–but it is needed.. because the culture we live in.. a culture that not only tolerates rape, but even celebrates it and promotes it at times (often, but not always, with plausible … Continue reading

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Numbers–The Power….

So, yesterday I talked about Numbers and how they figure into my personal definition of myself.  It was a discussion of how numbers create some of the meaning in my life. Today, I want to give an example of how … Continue reading

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Quickie–who I am…

I am, and always will be, a Liberal. But that seems to mean that I will again be less and less a part of “the left”… which is fine by me. I’m never going to be in the “middle” or … Continue reading

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Marvel Universe vs. DC Universe–Political Underpinnings and Societal Understandings…

Caveat: Please note that I’m not a comics expert–and so this is just an interpretation based on the media that I’ve come across… I claim no expertise here and am TOTALLY open to enlightenment here by those who are more … Continue reading

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PDP-Frothy Radicalism

Although the media doesn’t often acknowledge it or let it get through, the radicalism in this year’s crop of conservatives runs quite deep. Take the current front runner, Rick “frothy mixture” Santorum. Now.. Rick’s a Catholic and I have no … Continue reading

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My post-apocalyptic youth has found me…

I came across something that I may never tire of… Nukemap–an interactive map page that can show you the range and effect of a nuclear blast from various different-sized weapons anywhere you want. OMG. This is what I have been … Continue reading

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