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Map Lust

So I’ve always loved maps.  I think it began in kindergarten at Ronald Knox Montessori school when I used to trace maps of the world because there were “puzzle” maps where you could take the pieces out and then trace … Continue reading

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PDP–Quick Thought

It is true that there have been some valid critiques from the right against the excesses of (usually leftist) post-modernist relativism claiming that all views are equally valid and, more importantly, TRUE AND FACTUAL. In this, those on the right … Continue reading

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PDP-Frothy Radicalism

Although the media doesn’t often acknowledge it or let it get through, the radicalism in this year’s crop of conservatives runs quite deep. Take the current front runner, Rick “frothy mixture” Santorum. Now.. Rick’s a Catholic and I have no … Continue reading

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PDP–Dude is scared….

This is a data point. The man who campaigned explicitly against Obama and then cancelled money from the Feds for rail development and called it federal boondoggle money etc etc… …and who is now in the process of being recalled … Continue reading

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PDP–Nate Silver’s models, political thermometers, and long term predictions

I have the sense that Nate Silver has been a bit corrupted by the position he’s in at the NYTimes. Back in 2008–he became big DURING the primaries as his statistical models mapped changing levels of support for candidates in … Continue reading

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Political Data Point (PDP)–New Post category…

In order to make this blog more central to my thoughts and writings–rather than just reserving it for more philosophical and linguistic type posts/thoughts–I’m going to try to add in the political content on a daily basis.  I regularly do … Continue reading

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