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The birth and death of a scene

All things have their time and place. Things begin, they grow, they flourish, they stabilize, they fade, they die.  At least, this is how things that are natural and organic progress.  But not everything is natural in this world. We … Continue reading

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Think and Feel.

This post relates to others that I’ve written involving mbti–and it will relate to ones that are still yet to be written. It’s about thinking and feeling, about how they can be differentiated, and about what they actually mean. Obviously–it … Continue reading

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Talk to me in that old, old Ænglisc….

Todaeg, ic hæbbe ascunga. Hwa eom ic?  Hwæt do ic?  Hwær ga ic? Hwæt wat ic soþlic ond hwæt cann ic soþlic don? Todaeg is eac ane gehyðnes to understandan an æfterlic læden. Niewlice hæbbe ic leorned to arædan Ænglisc … Continue reading

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Bone Orchards and the Shadow Moon…

I am rereading American Gods by Neil Gaiman again. This is like the 4th time I’ve done so… and I have the feeling that this will not be the last time that I do so.. nor that this is going to … Continue reading

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Meaning of Meaning…

So. I talk about meaning.  A LOT. Yes.. I know… and I have long talked about it.  I talked about it ages ago on LJ where I contrasted “meaning” with “truth,” and noted that the two seemed to be mostly … Continue reading

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The Tastes of a Language

Languages–like the living organisms that generate them–change over time.  Some like to refer to languages as either “alive” or “dead” and to anthropomorphize them in various ways–and there is a case to be made for this kind of thing at … Continue reading

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Time and Meaning Four: Thunder and the Personification of the Sky

The Sun The Moon Light, War, and Gods Fury, Knowledge, and The Gallows Sound, Thunder, Storms and Strength Love, Freedom, and Friends Time, Cutting, Change, and The Harvest These are the days that rule our lives. Although today is the Free-day, I’m … Continue reading

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