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Metaphors of Material

Listen to this and start reading… What is strong? What is hard? Something made of stone, maybe? Or carbon dust. Transformed. Bound. Diamonds in the rough An eight year old says to a man–whom she had known as a 5 … Continue reading

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Change, the cloud, and virtual brain damage.

… or perhaps the evolving relationships between centralization, efficiency, and security. Things are really starting to change. Fast. I say this not just because I’m on my way to becoming an old person (I went past 40 trips around the … Continue reading

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Calculation, Perception, and Intelligence

Is your brain a computer? Obviously, it’s not made out of silicon, but is your brain just a biological calculator that determines your actions by doing some kind of calculation? Many people seem to think so, but I’ve never been … Continue reading

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Meta-Systems and Motivation

Yes… it has been a while.  It was that time of the semester/year when all hell breaks loose and I have no time to write. But more issues are at hand this time around. Besides the normal craziness of life, … Continue reading

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Can Robots tell stories?

That is the question I wondered about sometime last week as a confluence of thoughts came together.  This con-fusion of material came from a variety of sources.  Together, from all of their multiple perspectives, I was able to grok another … Continue reading

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Who are you? I am… a teacher a father a counter a writer a student a scorched-earth style debater not yet a hunter, but I will be a homeowner a dancer a rivethead a geek a historian a beer lover … Continue reading

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Religion, Meaning, and Food Analogies..

This morning I read an interesting post over on Andrew Sullivan’s blog by one of his “under-bloggers” named Patrick Appel.  Patrick considers himself an agnostic or pantheist (depending on how you define the terms..) and in this post he is … Continue reading

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This post started as a response to someone who posted this quote on the FB a while ago: “You are not enclosed within your bodies, nor confined to houses or fields. That which is you dwells above the mountain and … Continue reading

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