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Structured Perceptions

This is the post that I wanted to write previously. Forewarned–it’s probably going to be a clusterfuck as it contains an amalgamation of a number of different ideas, approaches, perspectives, and thoughts. But that’s how my intuitive brain works.  It … Continue reading

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Think and Feel.

This post relates to others that I’ve written involving mbti–and it will relate to ones that are still yet to be written. It’s about thinking and feeling, about how they can be differentiated, and about what they actually mean. Obviously–it … Continue reading

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Nice and Kind

Be nice. Or maybe.. Be kind. But which is it?  Are they the same?  Or are they subtly different? Say both out loud. When I say “be nice”–it means something that usually entails a kind of rebuke that implies that … Continue reading

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Game of Texts and Words

What are words? Are words grains of salt in a soup? Perhaps.  Too many of them can spoil the flavor of a text and if they are used indiscriminately, they are much more likely to do so. However… I wonder … Continue reading

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Talk to me in that old, old Ænglisc….

Todaeg, ic hæbbe ascunga. Hwa eom ic?  Hwæt do ic?  Hwær ga ic? Hwæt wat ic soþlic ond hwæt cann ic soþlic don? Todaeg is eac ane gehyðnes to understandan an æfterlic læden. Niewlice hæbbe ic leorned to arædan Ænglisc … Continue reading

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Meaning of Meaning…

So. I talk about meaning.  A LOT. Yes.. I know… and I have long talked about it.  I talked about it ages ago on LJ where I contrasted “meaning” with “truth,” and noted that the two seemed to be mostly … Continue reading

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What is the Worth of Values?

This is the first post of the new year–2012 Year of the Apocalypse or Not–and it is back to the old routine of exploring etymology a bit. This time it started with a thought a couple of days ago when … Continue reading

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