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The birth and death of a scene

All things have their time and place. Things begin, they grow, they flourish, they stabilize, they fade, they die.  At least, this is how things that are natural and organic progress.  But not everything is natural in this world. We … Continue reading

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Hell and me..

This is about right when it comes to me… Lustful, a Heretic, and/or a bit of a virtuous non-believer. The Dante’s Inferno Test has banished you to the Second Level of Hell! Here is how you matched up against all … Continue reading

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fierce joy

New Year’s Resolution–to write at least once a week… but more–to simply write more. Tonight’s writing–which was a thought from a week or so ago… Fierce Joy.  That’s how I approach the world. Or rather, it’s a feeling that pervades … Continue reading

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Dancing in the Sky–Addendum

So.. as a quick follow up to the last post–I wanted to tackle aspect/connection that my brain made last night while watching the Cycropia Aerial Dance troupe perform at Orton Park in Madison. This performance was free. During the intermission, … Continue reading

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5 year plan.

I have these ideas. Or rather–I observe/grok something.. (I would be hard-pressed to distinguish whether this is really a perception-driven phenomenon or a reflection-induced realization… or whether there is any time lag between them… ) and then I try to … Continue reading

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Essential Reading about Introverts & Extraverts.

Somebody has finally done the research to understand the fundamental differences between these two subspecies of human. Also, it’s funny as shit.

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Garden Park, Evanston, Illinois

(Note–this was originally written in February, 2000–but has been updated and reworked for this post.. ) The climbing tree is gone. One of my most cherished places is simply gone.  I cannot believe it. There are pictures of me as … Continue reading

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Quickie–who I am…

I am, and always will be, a Liberal. But that seems to mean that I will again be less and less a part of “the left”… which is fine by me. I’m never going to be in the “middle” or … Continue reading

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What it is I do–or How I am like the Borg….

So.. it’s been three weeks since I was last on here–and it has been a hellishly busy three weeks.  My real life job has been inundating me with tons of work–work that is all about writing–which left me absolutely no … Continue reading

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Types and Questions to Live by…

A thought came to me the other day about the questions we ask.  I know that we all ask all kinds of questions all the time–or, at least, I do because I’m such an inquisitive bastard and/or I’m really part … Continue reading

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