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I’ve seen a lot of talk about racial-profiling recently. ¬†This talk is good in that it brings to the forefront a huge problem in our culture. Racism. Since Trayvon Martin’s death and the subsequent trial finding George Zimmermann innocent, there’s … Continue reading

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My post-apocalyptic youth has found me…

I came across something that I may never tire of… Nukemap–an interactive map page that can show you the range and effect of a nuclear blast from various different-sized weapons anywhere you want. OMG. This is what I have been … Continue reading

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Really? Seriously? This is your argument against free will and moral responsibility?

Okay.¬† I read this article about free will in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago and it infuriated me. Then–it was just linked to again on Andrew Sullivan as he linked to this post by Jonah Lehrer … Continue reading

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