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Liking your life and Other Happy Mindfuckery

(link to above cartoon here: https://www.facebook.com/AwkwardYeti/photos/a.511666138909066/2681852195223772/?type=3&theater ) I love this cartoon. I have managed to train my mind to appreciate the things while I have them. I picked this skill up back in college from a friend who said–after I … Continue reading

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The Virtual Gardens of Social Media

I exist on Facebook. I do not exist on any of the other social media sites (twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc… )—mainly because I have avoided getting a smart phone. In any case, I find Facebook to be a really useful … Continue reading

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Time and change

Although I tend to be a rather temperamentally conservative/cautious guy by nature (do not mistake this for political conservatism or I’ll eat you alive..), I do appreciate change–and especially the cyclic change in nature contrasted with the conscious progressive change … Continue reading

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Quickie on Happiness–Extraverted and Introverted measures

Today I saw this in Andrew Sullivan’s blog.  It’s not the first time he’s talked about it–and he’s not pushing any particular viewpoint–and his place is not the only one that I’ve seen the discourse about it. After going to … Continue reading

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A happy thought…

Every day this week, on my way home from work, I have paused my bike ride at a spot on the bike path. I have stopped and picked mulberries. We have had so much rain this year, that the tree … Continue reading

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Essential Reading about Introverts & Extraverts.

Somebody has finally done the research to understand the fundamental differences between these two subspecies of human. Also, it’s funny as shit.

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Garden Park, Evanston, Illinois

(Note–this was originally written in February, 2000–but has been updated and reworked for this post.. ) The climbing tree is gone. One of my most cherished places is simply gone.  I cannot believe it. There are pictures of me as … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Beauty…

Camp is done. Now I have time to write again. I’ve been thinking about beauty–and have two things I wanted to mention here. I’ve spoken about beauty a couple of times before–and, in my view, one of the central aspects of the … Continue reading

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The Start of a Game–Thoughts on Transcendent Stories

This is where I start a game with a friend of mine.  She has made a contribution to the greater chaos of  online knowledge that I want to respond to. With regard to my response, let me note out front … Continue reading

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Two thoughts…

.. that I had this weekend.. 1) I am Faust.  I want to know everything.  perhaps that will be my downfall at some point, but I know it’s true.  I think I am wise enough to manage this… i.e. I … Continue reading

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