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Numbers–the Personal and…

So, let me talk about numbers. Yes. Again. I like numbers, as you might know from reading this blog at times, and I have some more numbers to add to this. 1,012,200 68.18 270 176.3 These numbers are part of … Continue reading

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Numbers, Grokking, and Wonder

This is not the post I wanted to write. However, Time-beggars can’t be choosy. This post is about wonder. ¬†Or at least, it’s related to the idea of experiencing a a sense of “wonder” at the universe. It wasn’t originally … Continue reading

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Emotions–Back to Fi vs. Fe distinction..

Okay–to try and figure out how one can “invest” in certain things with some sense of meaning.. I have decided to wander back a bit and re-explore the distinction that happens between the MBTI functions labeled: Fi (introverted Feeling) and … Continue reading

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