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Games and Stories….

This nom has been sitting on a sticky note for months now.  It is good that it sat on that sticky note.. as more thoughts, connections, and ideas have become stuck to it in that time. Before I get to … Continue reading

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Talk to me in that old, old Ænglisc….

Todaeg, ic hæbbe ascunga. Hwa eom ic?  Hwæt do ic?  Hwær ga ic? Hwæt wat ic soþlic ond hwæt cann ic soþlic don? Todaeg is eac ane gehyðnes to understandan an æfterlic læden. Niewlice hæbbe ic leorned to arædan Ænglisc … Continue reading

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Meaning of Meaning…

So. I talk about meaning.  A LOT. Yes.. I know… and I have long talked about it.  I talked about it ages ago on LJ where I contrasted “meaning” with “truth,” and noted that the two seemed to be mostly … Continue reading

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What is the Worth of Values?

This is the first post of the new year–2012 Year of the Apocalypse or Not–and it is back to the old routine of exploring etymology a bit. This time it started with a thought a couple of days ago when … Continue reading

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Languages: Puzzle or Story…

Two posts in one week. What the Hell?!?!? I know. Astounding. Anyway–today on the bus–since I’ve finally put the bike away for the season (having ridden it since just before St. Patrick’s day until now..)–I was reading a book about … Continue reading

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Time and Meaning Four: Thunder and the Personification of the Sky

The Sun The Moon Light, War, and Gods Fury, Knowledge, and The Gallows Sound, Thunder, Storms and Strength Love, Freedom, and Friends Time, Cutting, Change, and The Harvest These are the days that rule our lives. Although today is the Free-day, I’m … Continue reading

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Quick Linguistics post…

… since I’m interested in that kind of stuff.. Over on FB a conversation got started related to a razor and by way of an excursion–induced by me–into Underworld’s lyrics to their song “cowgirl”–a discussion about lauts, and voicing, and … Continue reading

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Indo-European Root Words–Translation and Metaphor–pt. 2c-Verbs

Wow… It is hot today.. and I’ve finally gotten to a point where I have a free hour to try and bang out this final part of the Indo-European Root Words that I’ve analyzed. Interestingly enough, there are more verbs … Continue reading

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Indo-European Root Words–Translation and Metaphor–pt. 2b-Nouns

Finally, a free moment. It has been a great weekend so far–the weather has gone from “okay” to “beautiful” and before I go enjoy it a bit more, I wanted to make sure I NOM’d a bit more on the … Continue reading

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Indo-European Root Words–Translation and Metaphor–pt. 2a-modifiers

All other tasks are done today–so it is time to NOM again… Today I want to look at the other Indo-European roots that I did not specifically cover in the previous post.  These roots are different from those in the … Continue reading

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