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fierce joy

New Year’s Resolution–to write at least once a week… but more–to simply write more. Tonight’s writing–which was a thought from a week or so ago… Fierce Joy.  That’s how I approach the world. Or rather, it’s a feeling that pervades … Continue reading

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Garden Park, Evanston, Illinois

(Note–this was originally written in February, 2000–but has been updated and reworked for this post.. ) The climbing tree is gone. One of my most cherished places is simply gone.  I cannot believe it. There are pictures of me as … Continue reading

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Structured Perceptions

This is the post that I wanted to write previously. Forewarned–it’s probably going to be a clusterfuck as it contains an amalgamation of a number of different ideas, approaches, perspectives, and thoughts. But that’s how my intuitive brain works.  It … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Beauty…

Camp is done. Now I have time to write again. I’ve been thinking about beauty–and have two things I wanted to mention here. I’ve spoken about beauty a couple of times before–and, in my view, one of the central aspects of the … Continue reading

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Types and Questions to Live by…

A thought came to me the other day about the questions we ask.  I know that we all ask all kinds of questions all the time–or, at least, I do because I’m such an inquisitive bastard and/or I’m really part … Continue reading

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Game of Hearts…

What does it mean to have a heart? I ask this seriously–not necessarily in the literal sense–as I know what it means to have a biological pump inside my chest pumping nearly 2000 gallons of blood through my meat puppet … Continue reading

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Comic relief.

If you have never seen Romantically Apocalyptic, you should remedy that immediately. If you’ve never gone through the hundreds of xkcd.com comics, and seen the pain, the power, and the beauty that it represents.. … then I pity you.

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