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20 grams of protein

A post about food again–one that I meant to write about 2 months ago–but didn’t have time to. This post actually came out of a kind of experiment I did to myself as I decided to eat something new. In … Continue reading

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A happy thought…

Every day this week, on my way home from work, I have paused my bike ride at a spot on the bike path. I have stopped and picked mulberries. We have had so much rain this year, that the tree … Continue reading

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There are very few things that I like more than riding home in the warmth of June, stopping, creating a break, looking up, reaching, grasping, twisting; Taking. Enjoying the moment, with my hands covered in the blood of mulberries.

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Two thoughts…

.. that I had this weekend.. 1) I am Faust.  I want to know everything.  perhaps that will be my downfall at some point, but I know it’s true.  I think I am wise enough to manage this… i.e. I … Continue reading

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The Tastes of a Language

Languages–like the living organisms that generate them–change over time.  Some like to refer to languages as either “alive” or “dead” and to anthropomorphize them in various ways–and there is a case to be made for this kind of thing at … Continue reading

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When Central Governments are Kinda Helpful

Looking at this map: Horn of Africa Famine Information–Summer 2011 … one can discern some interesting information.. or at least make some interesting inferences.  As Andrew Sullivan has noted here, the true level of “famine” stops at the Somali border–not … Continue reading

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What is Wonderbread Really…

So.. today, I did a little cleaning in my office.  A co-worker has an extra table, and I needed to move some stuff in order to get it in my office, so I had to start getting rid of stuff … Continue reading

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