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Two thoughts…

.. that I had this weekend.. 1) I am Faust.  I want to know everything.  perhaps that will be my downfall at some point, but I know it’s true.  I think I am wise enough to manage this… i.e. I … Continue reading

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Tonight’s stories of Peasants and Identity….

So who are you really? One way to think about this is the stories that you tell yourself about who you think you are. We all do this… we make up stories to explain things to ourselves.. to justify certain … Continue reading

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Data point–Food

Although I had thought of an interesting post about my most common symbolic representation of relationships and social activities earlier today–I’m gonna hold off on that, because I’m just too exhausted to think clearly enough to get everything out that … Continue reading

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Subversive peasant cooking…

One of the things that I often like to say is that I engage in “peasant cooking” when I make food.  By this, I mean that the manner in which I cook and prepare food is almost entirely the opposite … Continue reading

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