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Grokking feelings, feeling music…

I’m certainly a weird one. Let me explain. I don’t really feel things. Or at least, the way in which I feel things appears to be different than most–more like the vast majority–of the people I know.  In specific, when … Continue reading

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5 year plan.

I have these ideas. Or rather–I observe/grok something.. (I would be hard-pressed to distinguish whether this is really a perception-driven phenomenon or a reflection-induced realization… or whether there is any time lag between them… ) and then I try to … Continue reading

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Change, the cloud, and virtual brain damage.

… or perhaps the evolving relationships between centralization, efficiency, and security. Things are really starting to change. Fast. I say this not just because I’m on my way to becoming an old person (I went past 40 trips around the … Continue reading

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Structured Perceptions

This is the post that I wanted to write previously. Forewarned–it’s probably going to be a clusterfuck as it contains an amalgamation of a number of different ideas, approaches, perspectives, and thoughts. But that’s how my intuitive brain works.  It … Continue reading

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Octavio Paz Poem for You

The Tomb of Amir Khusru ———————————- Trees heavy with birds hold the afternoon up with their hands. Arches and patios. A tank of water, poison green, between red walls. A corridor leads to the sanctuary: beggars, flowers, leprosy, marble. Tombs, … Continue reading

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Nice and Kind

Be nice. Or maybe.. Be kind. But which is it?  Are they the same?  Or are they subtly different? Say both out loud. When I say “be nice”–it means something that usually entails a kind of rebuke that implies that … Continue reading

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What Obama should have said yesterday…

So.. at first, I thought the President had done a mighty good thing yesterday.  He came out and stated that he now supported Same-Sex Marriage–that his personal beliefs had changed and evolved over these past years.  I also immediately recognized … Continue reading

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