This page is under progress as I determine just who I am, who I want you to think I am, and how to best to answer these questions..

… and now I have at least one answer to these questions..

Think of it as answer 11/11…

I am not a Buddhist, but I can appreciate them.  I was raised liberal catholic–and am probably culturally catholic ( I think that to be good–you have to DO good.. not just claim to believe in good…)–but I’m also just an agnostic atheist.  I have been trained as an academic–and I finally got the push to finish the Ph.D after I realized that I’d been in college LONGER than I hadn’t been in college.  I am teaching at the university level, but not in the tenure track and I could probably be persuaded to burn down the academy to erect a more modern system on top of its feudal ashes with just one chocolate chip cookie.  Beyond that, I am a stepfather, a partner to my best half, a writing teacher, an engineer, a speaker of German and English (and a reader of French and Latin), a sci-fi fan, a numbers fanatic, a cook, a math geek, a map and geography enthusiast, a part-time (for fun) coder, an environmentalist (by default–because I just hate waste!!), a cylon, an INTJ, a blogger, a dancer, and a philosophy and linguistics hobbyist. I am a German and Irish mutt–although my German half (it’s actually 17/32′s German…) is a combination of Swiss, Alsatian, and regular German…

I contain multitudes.  Come meet us.

4 Responses to About

  1. Dear Woland,
    As long as you determine that you are not an anti-christ or mainfestation of SATAN, then things should be fine. If you are, then please exit left with cases of beer.
    P.S. That Opinionator article by the Filosofia Prof. in the little beanie hat and nudist pants was indeed trite confusing UTTER SHIT.

    The Gallowglaich

  2. signature103 says:

    Prof. Woland,
    Isn’t it about time you updated your about page? Your brief description on my blog would seem to be a good intro.

    Looking forward to reading more from now.


    • Prof. Woland says:


      I was actually just thinking the same thing… If you will kindly make the comment visible–then I will also then copy and modify it to fit here.. 🙂

      thanks and see you around,

      Prof. Woland….

      • signature103 says:

        Sorry about that. I have returned the comments (plus a few replies).

        I had originally wanted to get rid of the comments tool on the ‘about’ page but couldn’t find the dashboard function for it until you commented. I guess I will now keep it up.

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