532 Moons. Almost.

1,356,998,400 seconds
22,616,640 minutes
376,944 hours
15,706 days
532 Moons. (almost.. it was actually 531.86)


Some numbers in my life.  I arrived at these numbers last tuesday, and, in a sense, they help define who I am.

But only partially.  They are merely one dimension of the continuity of my existence and consciousness.  Of my identity.

Obviously, there’s so much more that goes into me.. and thus, those numbers are just somewhat arbitrary markers that I am passing as I move through time and space.  Today, those markers have changed.. they are now
1,357,430,400 seconds
22,623,840 minutes
377,064 hours
15711 days
532 moons

So there is nothing inherently meaningful in the numbers themselves.  They only have meaning if we choose to give it to them.  If we decide they are significant–either personally, internally, subjectively–or through the decision by others external to us to give them recognition.  It’s an interplay, of course–between our own internal decisions to give them meaning and to the decisions of others… but that’s the case with most things that we unusually social water apes do.

532 moons.  Just a bit over halfway to having seen 1000 moons… a goal I hope to achieve if I’m lucky enough.


About Prof. Woland

I contain multitudes. Come meet us.
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