Winterdämmerung 2014

The Twilight of the Winter has finally arrived here in Wisconsin.  It has been a long winter, and a cold one at that.  Unlike the rest of the world that has been enduring a hotter than average winter….as seen below…


.. we here in the midwest and eastern US have been party to the literal visitation of the North Pole to our area on at least three separate occasions–go look up polar vortex –when it decided to migrate down from Baffin island to come visit us.

Anyway.. this shit appears to be done in any serious sense.  Yes, it snowed this morning–but it’s now sunny and tomorrow will be above freezing again and it looks to stay there.

The Twilight of the Winter has begun.

Visually, the results can be seen in the ongoing melt that has commenced–something that was notoriously absent for the 3 solid months of temperatures not even close to the freezing point. Here is the front of our house… to the left…


and to the right….


Note the patches of greenery and darkness on the ground.

This is amazing stuff when you’ve only seen whiteness for nearly 100 days.

Although Spring has not yet arrived, Winter is receding.. and we have survived it.

If just barely…



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