Thinking in the Cold…

As I was walking to class this morning from my building into EH, I started on a–in retrospect–somewhat strange train of thought.  At least, considered objectively, it strikes me that this train of the would seem weird, but it’s pretty much how my brain tends to work and it’s not odd within the context of me.


Gotten from here:

But here’s how it went.

Wow, today’s not nearly as cold as yesterday.  I don’t need a hat or a scarf over my face because it doesn’t feel like death is trying to kill me with some scythe-like bone-chilling wind.

Today it’s just cold. Normal cold.  Perhaps not normal temperatures for someone from the south.. it’s still cold enough so that if you put food out, it would not rot or even decay at all.

That must be weird.  I mean, if you come from a place closer to the equator, there’s never a time when nature isn’t constantly alive and trying to break things down and create interesting smells and raw materials for new growth.

Here–it’s different.  Nature stops.. or at least it slows down so much that it’s almost like we’ve been put into stasis or slow motion…

And we do go so much slower here.  You have to or you just fucking die.

Wait.. why are humans even living here?  What the hell?

Well–I guess we have been living here for most of our existence.  Hunting groups have been running over the arctic tundra for all of our existence–and they were quite successful at doing so–mainly because there was so many animals for them to hunt. 

Well.. at least for a while.. 20-50,000 years at least.. until we hunted most of the large ones to extinction.. or helped them to it as the climate changed.

Humans as an apex predator.  Well–maybe not exactly–there are still things on the planet that could eat us.. Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!

But we were definitely more effective than these competitors over the long run–mainly because we worked in groups.  

Primitive Human vs. Tiger–no contest. We are kitty food.

20 Humans vs. Tiger–someone has a new Overcoat. 

Apex Predator–but not because we were singly bad-ass.  But because we had cooperation and hunting skillz. 

So maybe like the comparison is like the difference between a T-Rex and a group of Deinonychus (Think Velociraptors from Jurassic Park–because the actual velociraptors were the size of dogs.. ).  We are like the pack attacking the larger creatures to bring them down… and are very unlike a giant T-rex single-handedly killing them.


Although I think a lot of people would like the think of themselves as T-rex’s.. but that’s just ego overcoming reality.

Oh look.. I’m here.. time to start teaching.


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