fierce joy

New Year’s Resolution–to write at least once a week… but more–to simply write more.

Tonight’s writing–which was a thought from a week or so ago…

Fierce Joy.  That’s how I approach the world. Or rather, it’s a feeling that pervades me as I am trying to get things done.

For me–Joy is not usually the contented, sweet or soft thing that I hear about.. Rather, it is an intense and almost fearsome thing.  Like a viking or barbarian would feel as they swing their axe.

Fierce joy was what coursed through me as I worked my way towards doing 129 waterslides (not even close to my record) on our yearly trip to the Wisconsin Dells to celebrate the rebirth of the sun, the end of the darkening, and the completion of a semester’s worth of teaching and learning.

Fierce Joy is what I feel when I’m with my best half..


Filled with laughter and lust and bites on the neck..

This fierce joy is not uncontrolled, however–it’s a complement to my control.. it integrates with my control and directs it towards accomplishing my goals–or in making my choices towards what goals to annihilate/crush/smash into tiny bits..

Fierce Joy.  That is what roams within me and what motivates the multitudes therein.


About Prof. Woland

I contain multitudes. Come meet us.
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