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Thinking in the Cold…

As I was walking to class this morning from my building into EH, I started on a–in retrospect–somewhat strange train of thought.  At least, considered objectively, it strikes me that this train of the would seem weird, but it’s pretty … Continue reading

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Nature, Design, and the Efficiency of Messes

This post is likely to be a mess.  But let me start with a question: How do you feel about Nature? Do you think of Nature as being orderly due to the natural laws that it follows? Or is nature more about … Continue reading

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Hell and me..

This is about right when it comes to me… Lustful, a Heretic, and/or a bit of a virtuous non-believer. The Dante’s Inferno Test has banished you to the Second Level of Hell! Here is how you matched up against all … Continue reading

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The Frost Giants have landed–so bring your axes…

They landed on Monday and were here through Tuesday–and then many of them fled to the east. Not all, of course… but at least we are now back to normal winter temperatures that are at least above zero during the … Continue reading

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fierce joy

New Year’s Resolution–to write at least once a week… but more–to simply write more. Tonight’s writing–which was a thought from a week or so ago… Fierce Joy.  That’s how I approach the world. Or rather, it’s a feeling that pervades … Continue reading

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