Metaphors of Material

Listen to this and start reading

What is strong? What is hard?

Something made of stone, maybe?

Or carbon dust. Transformed. Bound.

Diamonds in the rough

Diamond-and-graphite-with-scaleAn eight year old says to a man–whom she had known as a 5 year old–and who had read the Diary of Anne Frank with complete comprehension as a 6 year old–but who still pees herself because she doesn’t want to take the time to go to the bathroom–she says to him..

“You understand me. No one else understands me. But I knew you when I was in Kindergarten. Did you understand me then?”

Man responds, “I didn’t understand you then, but I knew you were special.”

The man considers her the smartest and most interesting creature he has ever met.

This man is my friend, I believe, and he was over here last night for our bonfire.

He’s made of carbon–like diamonds are. Diamonds are considered precious–mostly for the wrong reasons. Many think diamonds are rare–because they are expensive.

But they are not rare–they are actually fairly common. Their expense is due to a failure in imagination and greed.

The real reason diamonds are precious is that they are hard and that they can be cut in ways that bring out their inner complexity–where they demonstrate how externalities of light and perception can be bent and transformed in ways that make the beauty of the world apparent–if only for a sparkling instant.

The let us see that reality can shine.

They can also be used to cut others–to shape and transform the world–because their carbon edges are hardened by the intensity of their internal bonds.

Shaping these diamonds takes effort and time and–for the living diamonds–often pain.

But there are diamonds out there. They are made of carbon. They are made of meat.

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