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Garden Park, Evanston, Illinois

(Note–this was originally written in February, 2000–but has been updated and reworked for this post.. ) The climbing tree is gone. One of my most cherished places is simply gone.  I cannot believe it. There are pictures of me as … Continue reading

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Change, the cloud, and virtual brain damage.

… or perhaps the evolving relationships between centralization, efficiency, and security. Things are really starting to change. Fast. I say this not just because I’m on my way to becoming an old person (I went past 40 trips around the … Continue reading

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Map Lust

So I’ve always loved maps.  I think it began in kindergarten at Ronald Knox Montessori school when I used to trace maps of the world because there were “puzzle” maps where you could take the pieces out and then trace … Continue reading

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Rape Culture must die.

This post is not like the others on here–but it is needed.. because the culture we live in.. a culture that not only tolerates rape, but even celebrates it and promotes it at times (often, but not always, with plausible … Continue reading

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Calculation, Perception, and Intelligence

Is your brain a computer? Obviously, it’s not made out of silicon, but is your brain just a biological calculator that determines your actions by doing some kind of calculation? Many people seem to think so, but I’ve never been … Continue reading

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Games and Stories….

This nom has been sitting on a sticky note for months now.  It is good that it sat on that sticky note.. as more thoughts, connections, and ideas have become stuck to it in that time. Before I get to … Continue reading

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