Numbers–the Personal and…

So, let me talk about numbers.

Yes. Again.

I like numbers, as you might know from reading this blog at times, and I have some more numbers to add to this.


These numbers are part of me.  They are one way to give definition to me… at least in part…

In case you are wondering, these numbers correspond to:

The number of push-ups I’ve done since Jan 1st, 1998.
The avg. number of push-ups I’ve done per day over my lifespan
The number of pull-ups/chin-ups I’ve done since Jan 1st, 2013
My weight as of today.

Now–if you scroll back through this blog–or you search through the tags for numbers, you’ll find other posts that relate to these numbers.  Two of them specifically relate to the push ups and weight–although I should note that the weight noted on those posts is off by about 7-8 lbs–the scale I had at the time was broken and didn’t fully weigh me–so I was heavier than I thought..

I could also note that about 8 months ago–May 12th, 2012, I believe–I started keeping track of my weight more accurately. I bought a new digital scale and the number I started with was 187.7.  This was a measurement after I had already started to lose some of my Winter weight–and so I was probably much closer to 190-192 during this time last year.

What this means–is that I’m about 12-15 lbs less now than I was a year ago.

That’s a number.

That’s part of me.

It defines me.

Other relevant numbers include 167.5–which was the lowest point that I reached this past summer.  Since then I’ve gradually gained weight back–but I’ve tried to keep from losing all of it–and it’s not that hard to do so.  The habits that I changed to lose this weight have stuck.. and I like them.

As for the other numbers–they are works in progress.  My original goal–which I’ve mentioned earlier a number of times–was to grok what 1,000,000 of something was–consciously–and so I decided to do 1,000,000 push ups.

That is now done.  But I cannot stop and I don’t want to.  Thus I added two more goals onto this.  the 68.18 number relates to my next goal, which is to do enough push ups so that I will have an average of 100 push ups (at least!) for every day of my life.  Considering I’ve lived more than 14,000 days so far.. I have a bunch more push-ups to do before I’ll catch that 100 and surpass it.

The 270 is the newest of numbers–and that came about from a friend suggesting that I start doing pull-ups and counting them.  I thought that would be cool–so I got one of those cool new door frame pull up thingers for $30 at Target, and I’ve started keeping track.  As it stands–I’m doing about 100 or so a week–and that’s a good goal for now… It will lead to around 5,000 pull ups this year.. which is significant to me–but I hope to improve.

All of these numbers are personal… and this doesn’t surprise me because I’ve always easily integrated math, counting, and this kind of grokking into my life.  I know that’s not the case with many people.. but it is with me.

next time.. I’ll talk about numbers again.. but this time–it’ll be an example not of their personal aspect, but of their power..


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