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Octavio Paz Poem for You

The Tomb of Amir Khusru ———————————- Trees heavy with birds hold the afternoon up with their hands. Arches and patios. A tank of water, poison green, between red walls. A corridor leads to the sanctuary: beggars, flowers, leprosy, marble. Tombs, … Continue reading

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Nice and Kind

Be nice. Or maybe.. Be kind. But which is it?  Are they the same?  Or are they subtly different? Say both out loud. When I say “be nice”–it means something that usually entails a kind of rebuke that implies that … Continue reading

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Water and Life

This year’s summer in Wisconsin has been an interesting one.  For the first time in the 13 years that I’ve been living here, we had a substantial drought for the first half of the summer.   Although there have been … Continue reading

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