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Cats, Dogs, and Applied Metaphors

I had this thought about a week ago and every day since then, I’ve written it down on my list to NOM about it.. but I never found the time. Mainly, because, in between, I had to finish semester grading, … Continue reading

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Quickie–who I am…

I am, and always will be, a Liberal. But that seems to mean that I will again be less and less a part of “the left”… which is fine by me. I’m never going to be in the “middle” or … Continue reading

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What Obama should have said yesterday…

So.. at first, I thought the President had done a mighty good thing yesterday.  He came out and stated that he now supported Same-Sex Marriage–that his personal beliefs had changed and evolved over these past years.  I also immediately recognized … Continue reading

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Marvel Universe vs. DC Universe–Political Underpinnings and Societal Understandings…

Caveat: Please note that I’m not a comics expert–and so this is just an interpretation based on the media that I’ve come across… I claim no expertise here and am TOTALLY open to enlightenment here by those who are more … Continue reading

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