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Asteroid Mining and Technological Over-enthusiasm…

Last week I had a minor conniption on facebook about the spate of talk about Asteroid Mining in the news. Alright–I’ll admit–it was more than just a conniption and probably earns the monicker of rant. The reasons I got so ticked … Continue reading

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What it is I do–or How I am like the Borg….

So.. it’s been three weeks since I was last on here–and it has been a hellishly busy three weeks.  My real life job has been inundating me with tons of work–work that is all about writing–which left me absolutely no … Continue reading

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Types and Questions to Live by…

A thought came to me the other day about the questions we ask.  I know that we all ask all kinds of questions all the time–or, at least, I do because I’m such an inquisitive bastard and/or I’m really part … Continue reading

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