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Game of Hearts…

What does it mean to have a heart? I ask this seriously–not necessarily in the literal sense–as I know what it means to have a biological pump inside my chest pumping nearly 2000 gallons of blood through my meat puppet … Continue reading

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More Beauty and Pain.

I have spoken about this before. This could not be a better example of what my thoughts on the subject entail. The act of writing this letter.. the reflection and endurance and will of this women cuts me to the … Continue reading

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Game of Texts and Words

What are words? Are words grains of salt in a soup? Perhaps.  Too many of them can spoil the flavor of a text and if they are used indiscriminately, they are much more likely to do so. However… I wonder … Continue reading

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The Start of a Game–Thoughts on Transcendent Stories

This is where I start a game with a friend of mine.  She has made a contribution to the greater chaos of  online knowledge that I want to respond to. With regard to my response, let me note out front … Continue reading

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PDP–Quick Thought

It is true that there have been some valid critiques from the right against the excesses of (usually leftist) post-modernist relativism claiming that all views are equally valid and, more importantly, TRUE AND FACTUAL. In this, those on the right … Continue reading

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What do you Do?

Sorry. It’s been a while. Here’s a picture of our awesome ninja murder kitty to make up for my absence: I’ve been doing things again.  Rather, stuff has been occurring that has required me to do things other than write … Continue reading

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