My post-apocalyptic youth has found me…

I came across something that I may never tire of…

Nukemap–an interactive map page that can show you the range and effect of a nuclear blast from various different-sized weapons anywhere you want.

OMG. This is what I have been thinking about since I was like 10 when Reagan was President and talked about nuking the Soviet Union.  Most of my teenage years were spent wondering when the Global Thermonuclear War was going to take place..

In any case.. here’s one map that I just made.  It shows the effects of Little Boy–the bomb that was detonated over Hiroshima–going off over the house I grew up in.

As I see… the damage doesn’t quite reach the Catholic School I went to grade school in and where I read John Hersey’s book about Hiroshima

If anything–what I like most about this is the perspective it gives… which is a good thing to have when some part of your brain is always contemplating how best to take over the world..


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2 Responses to My post-apocalyptic youth has found me…

  1. lauren says:

    i forget that younger people grew up under that holocaust cloud as well. our generation was always waiting apprehensively for the world to get blown away. as a kid i had horrible nightmares about it. and we had those absurd school air raid drills, wherein you all crouch in the basement and kiss your ass goodbye. such fond memories…

    • Prof. Woland says:

      Yes… I all that jazz really got a refresher during Reagan… and then Bush I went to war–which wasn’t so traumatic as unsettling… During Clinton–it did seem to get better.. a corner was turned–at least for me–where I looked around and said–“OMG.. it’s like getting better.. nuclear apocalypse is less likely when everyone can get their porn over the phone line so much faster!!!”

      And now–well.. 9/11 really didn’t freak me out that much. It was so “old school” in terms of its attack.. it sort of refinforced that our enemies are only opportunists–rather than massively funded nation states..

      Of course–North Korea and now Pakistan (getting there) are becoming bad.. but there really isn’t an immediate presence of nuclear apocalypse for the youth today.. and their outlook is quite different..

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