PDP-2016 is on the way…

I’ve been watching this tendency build now ever since 2010… even back to 2008 when it started to become apparent that the political tiger of fundamentalist ignorance and lies that the Republicans had been cultivating and using politically for the past decade–see Karl Rove’s strategy for the Bush 2004 reelection amongst other things–was beginning to get out of hand (Think Sarah Palin…)

Then 2010 arrived and this Tiger appeared dangerous when liberals didn’t show up to vote for a number of reasons that I could elaborate upon–but which would just end up being ranting right now…

However–in 2012.. that Tiger is showing itself really to be less of a real tiger and actually to be more like a nasty weasel or possum… something cranky and nasty–but not actually all that dangerous on it’s own–at least not to its opposition…

More importantly–it’s already looking like this group thinks the Republicans this time around are not conservative or extreme enough and that this election is already being written off a bit–so that The Tea Party can break off and form its own real party in 2016… something that will result in the utter destruction of the Republican party as we know it..

I’ve been noting it since 2008 that the Republican party was unsustainable over the long haul–and Obama has either skillfully or opportunistically encouraged them along this path to self-destruction.

I applaud this.  And after we have watched them implode.. I will be happy to work on blowing up the Democrats–so that we can separate out real progressive politicians from the number of corporate whores who regularly subvert them.

Patience has its own rewards….


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8 Responses to PDP-2016 is on the way…

  1. Would that you are correct. Where will all the corporate $$ run if the GOP breaks apart? Nah, the GOP is not going away for a generation at least. They are deeply entrenched in local governments and until something changes on that level, we are stuck with the GOP.

    • Prof. Woland says:

      Oh.. I’m not saying that the idea of a business-friendly corporate sponsored Center-right party is going away any time soon.. but what I’m saying is that the alliance between corporate-business-capitalist Republicans and the fundamentalist christian conservative base is going to be broken apart..

      What you’ll get is a rump center-right party that is more like the 1950’s Republicans–and whether they keep the name Republican or not will be interesting to see.. Probably will… but time will tell..

      I think 2016’s going to be interesting… (granting that Santorum becomes the nominee now–or Romney–after going way to the right to be Santorum does… and this leads to a big 2012 loss..)–as some of the Democratic front-runners for that year are already starting to appear…For example.. I think Cuomo in NY will be a prime Democratic candidate in 2016–and I think Feingold from WI is laying groundwork for a run then also… I think someone like Kaine or Warner from VA will also run–but I don’t think they’re all that charismatic and won’t make it… In addition–Hilary–if she decides to jump in–would be the automatic front runner.. and she would be an even stronger candidate than last time..

      Against this–Assuming the Tea Party actually does run its own candidates–you’d have moderate Republicans like Huntsman (this was just a practice run–and boy does he need practice…) and Christie and Daniels…

      Of course–if Christie’s not careful.. then his shenanigans with the gay marriage issue in NJ could really screw him. He seems to be trying to play both sides right now with an eye on 2016–trying to appear conservative enough by threatening to veto the gay marriage stuff–while trying not to piss off people in NJ enough to get himself unelected in 2013.. I think–if he does go through with his veto as he said he would–since the NJ senate passed the Same-Sex Marriage legislation and is sending it to him–that he will really have screwed himself… because the US of 2016 is going to be even less appreciative of such a vote in the general election than it is now…

      Anyway.. time will tell..

  2. Conservatives cling to their party nearly as desperately as they cling to religion, money and guns. If Santorum wins the nomination, the evangelical wing of the GOP will remain steadfast knowing that they got an fundamentalist conservative on the platform for 2012. It is good to observe more chaos and less lockstepping within their ranks, but they will still fall in lockstep behind whomever wins the nomination. I think some more time could be spend observing what divides the evangelicals from the corporatist wings. Dems always spend so much time uniting folks that they don’t always understand how to divide the opposition.

    • Prof. Woland says:

      If santorum gets through–and the fundies stay put for a while–then the question for me will be–will the moderate Republicans keep tolerating getting their asses handed to them and/or will they continue to vote Republican?

      I mean–seriously–if Santorum is the nominee–I think you’re gonna see the modern equivalent of a Dem Reagan style victory–with Obama getting near 400 electoral votes… and then in 2016–what will the demands from the fundies be again? Are they suddenly going to see the light and say “Oh.. it’s okay.. we’ll just vote for pro-choice Christie… ”

      I don’t think so.. I think there will continue to be a fundamental problem that as long as the fundies are a big part of the Republicans–all candidates will–from now on–have to be pro-life, openly anti-contraception–and still hating on the gays forevermore… And that’s just not going to win in America any more.. So the Republicans can choose to stay losing for all of time.. or they will have to evolve–and as soon as the Republicans move away from these things–the fundies will bolt.. or rather–some huge conservative will run for them…

      Of course–in about 10-15 years.. most of the most rabidly racist, sexist, and homophobic fundies will have died off.. so maybe the problem will solve itself for them..

  3. Hmmm… Deep Thoughts Professor. I am impacted by the 3rd and 4th paragraphs.

    3rd paragragh: I hope you are right. We can have the gay rights and contraception debate all day and all night and most folks will think the rightys are wackos on these issues as time proceeds. This is the bridge too far that half their flock goes over the cliff on. They are possibly the winning political issues of the year.

    The evangelical crowd is sticking around and if anything, they will not be using near as much contraception as the lefties. Looking into the generations, I believe you are correct the rabidity will mellow, except, the rightys will not ever stop looking for issues to divide democrats on. That is how they keep getting elected.

    • Prof. Woland says:

      Two things…

      I don’t expect the evangelicals to go away–but what is true is that a lot of the younger evangelicals don’t care about gay rights like their parents do. It’s really not an issue to them… and just as the super hard-right evangelicals that we now have got reinforcement by rebelling against the relatively permissive environment of the 1970’s.. I think–from what I can tell by my contact with them through my stepkids (who have such kinds of friends..)–there is a kind of–what one might say–almost “hippie leftishness” about some of these evangelical kids—which is a way of them rebelling against their overly right parents…
      Will it stick? who knows.. but it will change the flavor of the evangelical situation in an interesting fashion.

      Second–I do think that the “having lots of kids thing” of the religious will always be with us–but one thing that bodes well for us here is that there is a lot of fall off amongst this group–as half of their kids drift away from their teachings and often become the next crop of liberal secularists/atheists/whatnot…

      Interestingly–I might note that this IS one of the reasons that I tell my “the world is horrible and I wouldn’t dare ever bring kids into such a terrible world” liberal secular friends that they should have kids.. i.e.. people who don’t APPARENLTY give a fuck about the world that they do give a fuck about are raising the next generation of people that will be on the world–whereas they are too afraid to produce people who will be there to deal with the next set of problems.

      I find that REALLY weird from my perspective. Of course, I’m not really pushy on this score and it’s not like I say “GO GET MARRIED AND HAVE BABIES NOW!” to them.. but I do tend to argue against these notions that the world is utterly horrible and that this is a valid reason not to have kids… .. (esp. seeing that the world was FAR WORSE in every period of the past ever–and by their own justifications–they shouldn’t exist…)

      Anyway.. nice chatting with you.. and I’ll see you around!

      • Hard to know what the world holds in store but most folks are happy to have been born, no matter the weather, so to speak. I think kind people raise kind people and we can always use more of that.

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