Political Data Point (PDP)–New Post category…

In order to make this blog more central to my thoughts and writings–rather than just reserving it for more philosophical and linguistic type posts/thoughts–I’m going to try to add in the political content on a daily basis.  I regularly do this on Facebook–but I think it’d be good to do it here–since facebook stuff is so huge that pulling such material out of one’s own posts or timeline stream is going to be a nightmare.

Thus–I’m going to try to mark these posts as “political data points”–by which I mean that they are things that I consider important facts (data) or observations (analysis) on the political situation that I think are important for grokking the overall political narrative either here in the US or in the world.

I particularly like the term “data point” as it fits in with my mentality of seeing reality as a complex, multi-layered web of forces and facts that one can never entirely grok–but that if you get more and more solid data points==reference points for observation–that your internal picture/representation of reality can become more accurate and therefore useful in terms of understanding where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.

Consider this post a definition for what follows.


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