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Time and Meaning Five–The Poetry and Ambivalence of Mind

The Sun The Moon Light, War, and Gods Fury, Knowledge, and The Gallows Sound, Thunder, Storms and Strength Love, Freedom, and Friends Time, Cutting, Change, and The Harvest These are the days that rule our lives. This will be long and complicated–much like … Continue reading

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Languages: Puzzle or Story…

Two posts in one week. What the Hell?!?!? I know. Astounding. Anyway–today on the bus–since I’ve finally put the bike away for the season (having ridden it since just before St. Patrick’s day until now..)–I was reading a book about … Continue reading

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Meta-Systems and Motivation

Yes… it has been a while.  It was that time of the semester/year when all hell breaks loose and I have no time to write. But more issues are at hand this time around. Besides the normal craziness of life, … Continue reading

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