When Central Governments are Kinda Helpful

Looking at this map:

Horn of Africa Famine Information–Summer 2011

… one can discern some interesting information.. or at least make some interesting inferences.  As Andrew Sullivan has noted here, the true level of “famine” stops at the Somali border–not because of political limitations–but rather because the complete lack of a competent central government in that area makes the handling of such disasters immensely worse than anywhere else–despite the fact that all of the region is suffering from the same weather patterns and issues..

Within the former borders of Somalia, one can note the fact that other areas of the nation–especially the formerly British portion in the north–known as Somaliland–is doing significantly better than the rest of the country and has long been a more stable area.  A great article about Somaliland vs. Somalia can be found here, and fascinatingly enough, is written by a person I used to play soccer with as a small child.

In any case–I see this whole situation as an important data point that I would point some of my more strident libertarian-oriented friends towards, if only to reinforce the point that government is not ALWAYS or ineherently the problem in all cases.




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