Sometimes I forget that I need to be especially careful with my masks lest someone see what lurks underneath.  Such sights should be carefully reserved for those who are prepared to know me.. and that is a process that not only takes a lot of time, but also requires special individuals..

I should be more careful methinks…


About Prof. Woland

I contain multitudes. Come meet us.
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2 Responses to Masks

  1. Ms-Frazzeled-Danson says:

    Tentacles or my little pony? Both might be interesting.

    I make lite of it mostly because, if I do understand the experience you are describing, it sucks to be there. Take care.

    • tricstmr says:

      A bit of both, perhaps…

      Maybe something like–thinking you have made a bad choice in letting the mask slip because you felt confident in letting the real you come out a bit (my little pony!) and then realizing that this real you–with tentacles and horns and all–is a bit more disconcerting to others than you had deluded yourself into believing…

      It’s not all that bad.. just a recognition.. an Entaeuschung rather than a disappointment (if you remember the distinction that I made on LJ and here also, I believe…. )

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