Good gods.. can I find a minute to write!!!

… I’ve been trying hard to write here for 2 solid days–but laying oak flooring, new years eve, and then todays New Years Day feast of making 16 rolls of homemade sushi just killed all of my time to do so..

In any case–a long time ago I put numbers up here–which I will do again now.


176. (I might note that my previous scale reading was off by 5 lbs–to little.. so add 5lbs on to the previous one if you so choose to find it.. )

This means I was 12+ lbs lighter this January 1st than last year.. and I hope to be about 10lbs lighter by the next one..  Slow and steady.. and intelligently..

Tomorrow… I will finally write about Saturn’s day.. and the interesting things I’ve found out about it..


About Prof. Woland

I contain multitudes. Come meet us.
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2 Responses to Good gods.. can I find a minute to write!!!

  1. Mz Jai says:

    That sushi was absolutely delicious! I had two heaping plates of it. Nom Nom Thank you for all your hard work. It does not go unnoticed even if we don’t say so out loud. So now…I’m saying so. I love you and could never find another man as intelligent, loving, kind, sexy, compassionate, determined and giving as you are. *smooches*

    • tricstmr says:

      Thank You! 🙂
      I already know this from you–but I like hearing you say it anyway….

      Now.. I’m done goofing off–I’m gonna work out and try to get those kitchen thingers back up..


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