Who are you?

I am…

a teacher
a father
a counter
a writer
a student
a scorched-earth style debater
not yet a hunter, but I will be
a homeowner
a dancer
a rivethead
a geek
a historian
a beer lover
a cook
a fetishist
a mastermind
a skeptic
an atheist
an agnostic
a former catholic (or still one depending on whether you take the Church’s definition…)
a privileged male
a companion of felines
a lover
a husband
a tricstmr
a demon
a subconscious
a systematizer
a mathlete
a freak
a book lover
a reader
a friend
an acquaintance
a push-up fanatic
a brother
a son
a godfather
a lover of spicy foods
a biker
an introvert
a descendant of the kings of Connacht
an inner peasant revolutionary who longs to see many people put up against the wall…

I am meat.

I contain multitudes.

Come meet us.


About Prof. Woland

I contain multitudes. Come meet us.
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6 Responses to Identity…

  1. Meat…. you are meat… how did you leave that one off?

    • tricstmr says:

      Damn… you’re good. I guess I consider all of the above to be constituted of meat–and therefore all meat derived masks..

      …but you are right.. and I shall go fix this.. 🙂

      HAPPY NEW YEAR ! for you all up in the snowy paradise of Canadistan!

      • Ironically… We’ve so far mostly avoided winter. It’s spring here. I’m not sure how that happened but I’m enjoying it.

        I grabbed your meme and did it for myself. Good stuff.

        Happy New Year to you and your family! May it be filled with growth, play, and life well lived.

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