Puzzle pieces… more on trees later…

Yes, I spoke of a post on trees and relationships last time I posted–but time has not been all that available.. and it isn’t right at the moment either.

In any case, as I was just riding in to campus, I was thinking/reflecting on my actions as of late and specifically about how transparent (or not) I am.  I see transparency, overall, as a worthy goal and a virtue and I strive to be as transparent as possible in as many circumstances as I think it warrants.  Of course, there are times when being transparent with others–who specifically are trying to be deceptive–would be stupid and should obviously be avoided.

However, with those people that you consider close to you, trying to be as transparent as possible seems like a pretty obvious thing.

Thus, I thought about whether I was really transparent, and I realized that I was only kinda transparent.  By that, I mean that I try to be clear, honest, and logical in most of my dealings with people–and I think that they would agree that this comes through.. but I also know that there are grey areas where I’m not as forthcoming.. but in which I still try to be as open as I can..

One of these areas, for example, would be about who I really am underneath all of the multitude of masks that I know how to wear…(a skill I learned in high school).. and I realized that what I often do in these kinds of situation is leave out puzzle pieces for people to find (if they are clever) and to allow them to piece everything together by themselves.

I know of only one person who is an expert at this–she even finds pieces that I didn’t know I was putting out–and she has a better picture of me (and she did it quickly early on and she has had it for years)–than anyone in my life ever had ever attempted to make.

This is a puzzle piece.  Do with it what you will.


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