Data point–Food

Although I had thought of an interesting post about my most common symbolic representation of relationships and social activities earlier today–I’m gonna hold off on that, because I’m just too exhausted to think clearly enough to get everything out that I want.

Instead, I’m gonna enjoy the new setlist I just made on the spur of the moment and talk about food.

Food is important to me and after reading Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food as part of my teaching this past year, I’ve been even more interested in it.  In particular, I was very convinced by his point that too many people don’t actually eat food–even if they are eating food-like substances that they can readily (perhaps even more easily than food itself!) acquire in a supermarket.

One of his big points was that if people would actually shift back to trying to eat food–and doing whatever it took to do that–whether it was shopping more, eating out less, cooking for yourself,–they would be healthier.

I found this argument convincing and have been moving towards it all of the past year but especially this summer.

Thus, let me show you how far I’ve gotten.  Here’s what I’ve eaten today to the best of my memory (in rough order…):

Coffee (organic peruvian dark roast) with some whole milk.
Lots and lots of water (prolly 2 to 2.5 liters or more) throughout the day…
Homemade whole-grain (9 of them) German rye bread–2 small slices–with a piece of salami, 2 pieces pepperoni, 1 piece roast beef, 1/2 piece pastrami, sliced pickle, and some Sirachi sauce on each.
An apple
A diet orange Rip-It Energy Drink (Not food!)
A Beer
Salad: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Red Bell Pepper, Chick Peas, Feta Cheese, Artichoke hearts, corn chips, tumeric, salt, pepper–with a homemade dressing made from canola oil, balsamic vinegar, rosemary, garlic powder, italian seasoning, oregano, basil, thyme, Agave Nectar.
Fried Curried Tofu& Vegetables:  Herb Tofu marinated in soy sauce/Hot Curry Powder/Carribean BBQ powder/Garlic Powder, an onion, 2 cloves garlic, a few portobella mushrooms, a zucchini, canola oil, more curry powder, a splash of white whine, and some balsamic vinegar.

This is what I ate today… I may finish it off with a homemade Jessi Cookie (chocalate chip oatmeal) if I get hungry later. The salad and tofu, for example, were made for everyone and I just grabbed a bowl of them combined.

Besides the Rip-It–which is my one indulgence–everything on that list should be food.  A lot of it is homemade–to the extent that I could easily do so (bread, for example…)–and a lot of it is composed of whole foods that I take the time to mix together.  This is what I think Pollan was getting at and it does make a difference. I did not eat that much of any of these things–and I’m stuffed.  I used to go back and get 2nd’s and 3rd’s all the time, but I don’t anymore–in fact the thought makes me feel a bit ill, if only because I feel so full..

And that’s all I want to say.  I could go on, but you get the picture.

Eat Food.


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3 Responses to Data point–Food

  1. Avdi Grimm says:

    Now THAT’s a salad! Nice fried veggies too.

    I had the opportunity to eat at an organic veggie food stand today, so I kinda went to town on it… gazpacho (yum!), giant “Adam and leaves” salad, and a slice of live peach pie.

    I’m lucky in that being married to Stacey, this kind of eating is pretty much normal for me even when I don’t leave the house. One of the things you realize when you start eating real food is that American food culture has totally jacked our expectations of what real food will taste like. We think “salad” and envision a pile of iceberg lettuce and some bland tomato slices. Put it in those terms and yeah, the deep-fried corn derivatives DO start to seem preferable…

    • tricstmr says:

      Yes.. totally agreed. Salads have really been bastardized into a way to sell salad dressing (seriously, I’m amazed at how large the salad dressing aisle is in a store compared to how much you are actually supposed to eat!!) rather than just being a way to eat lots of vegetables…

      Also.. most restaurant salads–unless you are going to a really pricey restaurant (and even there, you can’t be sure)–are pretty pathetic… It’s pretty much the equivalent of considering convenience store weiners to be representative of all meat dishes…

      In any case–last night’s dinner was also pretty good (the rest of the day was pretty similar to the one before)–it was fresh cheese tortellini in a creamy pesto sauce (so some processing there–but not super much) topped with curried shrimp and vegetables. I cooked the shrimp myself (because pre-cooked shrimp taste like nothing and pretty much are vehicles for consuming cocktail sauce…) and sauteed everything and now we have lots of food for today also…

      You are lucky to have Stacey–and I pretty much play her role here–although she sounds like much more of a cook than me! I’m not much of a “total do it from scratch” guy in many things–but more of a “use whole foods as much as possible and be able to construct any meal in about an hour or less” (which holds true for everything–except lasagna if I count the time it takes to cook the noodles first–otherwise, we’re good..).

      Do you find that you don’t have a desire to eat out much? Except for Indian Food, we really don’t go out much because most of the places we could go to, I can cook better than and I can do it for 1/4 the price…

  2. I am buried under organic veggies. Want some? We’re eating fantastically these days.

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