I’m an INTJ.

If you don’t know what that is, you can google it and learn all about it.

Overall, I was introduced to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator system by a friend of mine back in late 1999 and became rather fascinated by it.  Now, I generally tend to be skeptical of grand systems and psychological systems at that–but I’ve found MBTI to be fairly useful and helpful, and for me, those are pretty important traits.

Now, I don’t buy everything covered in the system and there is a whole lot of untested claims that people want to create within the context of the system–which can sometimes make it seem more similar to astrology than a worthwhile psychological tool.  But one should distinguish between people trying to apply the system to hard to reality and trying to make reality fit the system rather than the reverse–and the ability to use the system to help one’s own perceptions and approaches to others.

To get concrete–as an INTJ–I like to–or maybe–I just always automatically begin to deconstruct all the sensory data I get trying to perceive the underlying connections and relationships that this data might tell me.  This is what the Ni function (introverted iNtuition) generally tries to do.  I then also often try to take the knowledge of these underlying relationships and apply it to reality to do something useful.

For an INTJ–things are supposed to work and to make sense and we will do our best to make that true.

However–other people don’t necessarily have that as their highest goal–and learning to perceive that others may have different priorities and approaches to solving problems that are just as effective (and often more effective at certain kinds of problems) as anything that you may feel natural doing–that is a good lesson to learn.

Of course, MBTI isn’t the only thing that teaches you this–dozens fo things do–but I find it useful to hold onto those theoretical constructs that can help me and those around me be more productive people living more meaningful lives.


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