Unusually Social Water Monkeys…

.. that’s what we are.

Yes.. I know that we are technically apes rather than monkeys, but when you go to a waterpark and observe for even a short time, the impression definitely strikes you that we are pretty monkey like… especially in the fact that you almost never (and perhaps never) would see 1000 apes gathered together in a pool of water waiting for a giant wave to hit them and then rushing back so they could experience it again….

Monkey troops, on the other hand, can have very large numbers…

Anyway.. it strikes me that if some other branch of the mammals had evolved to become the “dominant” species on the planet in the manner that we had, you might not see such things.  Would you ever find felines gathered together in such concentrated numbers?  Would you find any kind of predatory species doing such things?

Just a thought for a post waterpark day..


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