Numbers 1.0

My last name, although I’m not giving here, means skill with numbers. Well, that’s one of the primary meanings it could have–it could also just mean many thinks like “boldness in advising” and a few other variations–but at its essence, it means having strong competencies in analytical thinking.

In any case–the numbers aspect is quite justifiable when compared to my family history. I was a severe math geek in high school who went on to become an engineer (amongst other things), my brother is an accountant, my other brother is a musician (which has all of these links to mathematics, so I’ve been told…), my father is a finance guy who was an accountant and controller for most of his working life, his father (paternal grandfather) was a national bank examiner, his father (great grandfather) and his grandfather (great, great grandfather) founded a Bank in the vicinity of where I now live.

Have I also mentioned that I’m Swiss–and that my last name is from that nationality…

Anyway.. one possible activity–perhaps the most prominent one–with numbers is to count them. Counting to me is one thing that I’ve tried to give greater meaning by having it help me get a physical feel for numbers and see how this tool–mathematics–actually can be usefully applied to our daily experience.

Besides that–my brain likes numbers–they are easy for me.

With that, I’m going to give two numbers that I will then explain..



The first number is my weight in pounds today. This is more than I would like and I’m going to try to whittle it down to around 170/175. I think by starting to make this a habit, it will help me see it better.

The second number is the number of push ups I’ve done since 1998. As I mentioned–I like numbers and at some point I decided I wanted to understand physically what 1,000,000 actually meant. I had already started doing workouts at home based on doing push-ups/sit ups/leg lifts/etc.. and it clicked in my head that I could combine these two.
Generally, I’ll do 5 sets of 50 within a 15-20 minute workout, about 5-6 times a week.
At this pace, it will be another 3.5 years before I’m finished, and will have taken 16 years overall to do this….

Thus, if you see numbers floating on this blog–you will know why…


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