This post started as a response to someone who posted this quote on the FB a while ago:

“You are not enclosed within your bodies, nor confined to houses or fields. That which is you dwells above the mountain and roves with the wind.” Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Now.. I like Kahlil Gibran… it’s not bad stuff–if often a bit too hippie-new age spiritual for me.. but this quote really set me off.. it went against the heart of my core fundamentals on how I view reality..

And thus–this was my response:

Not me.
I’m just meat.
Or, in other words, this intelligence is just a projection that is merely a manifestation of the chemical processes of meat. Although the intelligence may transcend the physicality of meat in certain respects–it is forever tied to the meat and generated by it. It is not separate from the meat.

When my meat (insert corny sexual innuendos here if you feel obligated) eventually succumbs to entropy–hopefully due to time and not some violent incident–I shall cease.

I am at peace with this. Stories have ends and they need them.

So do I.


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4 Responses to Meat.

  1. (moving response here from LJ) We’re all made out of meat, a fact that becomes more and more relevant the older we grow, the more often we endure injury, and whenever we enjoy the fruits of the meat life.

    I’m okay with that, too, because we really have no choice. But that doesn’t mean we should rage against it, as the old fella says, and let entropy win. Entropy is the enemy of life; rather, life is the enemy of entropy, because it has always been and will always be – life is the aberration.

    Gibran was a genius for his time, and when I was in college and first read him, I was awed and moved. I dare not read it now, but even so, the quotes I’ve read recently suggest insights that are still keen.

    On the other hand, your final words are hugely important: We must enjoy the time we have, for each moment in which we enjoy consciousness might be our last moment. When I was 19 or so, I counted nine times I could have (many would say “should have”) died. That’s when the whole “mortal meat” thing really hit home.

    And as mz_jai suggests, fuck this introspection! Let’s enjoy this meat!

    However, like many, I can’t avoid the thinkyness cause by this particular arrangement of meat.

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