Start Again

Quite often in life, one must try something a few times before it really clicks.   Even though I’m a big time planner by nature, I’ve come to appreciate that there are many false starts–especially to something that you think is actually important–and that the key to success is to stop, reevaluate your failure, look for new possibilities, and start again.

So it is with this blog.

This is actually the third incarnation of a project that I started about 6 months or so ago on two other formats, but which failed for a variety of reasons.  Most of these were time/resource deficiency related, but it also had to do with the initial conditions that I created for these first versions.

Basically, the threshold level of energy and the overall framing of the project was too cluttered and had too many prior connections to it. The soup had already been started and trying to change it into something else just led to a mess… (One of the versions was also just not in a place that I usually went to all that often.)

Thus, it is time to start something new… or at least as new as the Philosophy of Nom 1.03 version could be…

In terms of subject matter, the following image contains an essential truth about this blog…

This is the essential truth about life.. or at least one of them...

The subtitle of the blog adds an important theme/guideline that will flavor a lot of the posts.  Some may think that I’m being a bit absurd with the notion of a blog that is “An Ongoing Investigation of Whether We Should or Should Not be Eaten by Bears,” but I do contend that this question gets to the heart of a lot of what is meaningful in our lives.  What we consume and whether we are consumed by external factors are core functions of individuals and of societies.

Thus, this subheading is not just there for humor’s sake–although humor in the following investigation will be crucial– but it is rather  a means of raising the idea that the Philsosophy of NOM will be a discusion/dialogue/investigation of various kinds of existential questions that come to my mind. Such questions will consider, but not be limited to, basic primal needs including such things as why we might not want to be eaten by bears. In other words, it will consider such basic core issues of what we really need in our life to find meaning, to understand truth, to fuck, to eat, to have conversations, to find happiness. That is what this is about.

If this isn’t your cup of coffee–that’s cool–I’m not really writing this for anyone else–although I do appreciate dialogue. On the one hand–and in many ways–a founding motivation for this whole endeavor might be the fact that I’m approaching 40 years of age and I just don’t have time anymore for fucking about. There is much to do, in my view, and this is one way of doing it.

Of course, there is also an “origin story” for the designation of this blog, and it is one–as one of my friends put it–of mythical proportions.  Literally, the origin of this whole idea was a rambling discussion in an outdoor hot tub this past winter with friends.  This discussion ranged from someone’s story about an out-of-body experience involving magic mushrooms and a blowjob to whether it would be so bad to be eaten by bears if we didn’t feel pain to the, perhaps, problematic effect creepy guys having gay sex in a park filled with Christmas lights and decorations might have on someone’s otherwise happy childhood memories. In the midst of all of this, the idea of the Philosophy of NOM came about… and it stuck with me.

Over time, I fully expect the ongoing discussion about the Philosophy of Nom to find some sort of balance within the confines of these themes.

If you are game, let us begin the pursuit…


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