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My mind has wandered from the straight and narrow…

My favorite song of all time is Oingo Boingo’s Insanity. An example of this song in concert is here.. Lyrics for the song can be found here.. It is my favorite song of all time, mainly, because it captures the … Continue reading

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In the back woods up Nort…

Okay. So at this moment, I’m posting away from home. I’m up at Stevens Point, Wisconsin for the orientation of my stepdaughter for the upcoming fall semester. The experience so far has been interesting. The city seems nice enough for … Continue reading

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Numbers 1.0

My last name, although I’m not giving here, means skill with numbers. Well, that’s one of the primary meanings it could have–it could also just mean many thinks like “boldness in advising” and a few other variations–but at its essence, … Continue reading

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The Uncertainty of Engineering…

Yesterday I got into an online conversation that actually revolved around religion, atheism, agnosticism and the like. While such conversations, in my experience, often suffer from the implicit uncertainties in the range of meanings of the terms (atheism especially) that … Continue reading

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Football post… suck it up.

Yes. I like football (soccer for my fellow citizens).  It is not all that philosophical.. but it is important to me, and it’s the world cup, where almost the entire world gets together to focus on a bunch of hairless … Continue reading

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This post started as a response to someone who posted this quote on the FB a while ago: “You are not enclosed within your bodies, nor confined to houses or fields. That which is you dwells above the mountain and … Continue reading

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Random word usage inquiry of the day..

During my rather constant intertubes consumption today, I ran across the quote (I think on Andrew Sullivan’s page but maybe just on facebook…) by Oliver Wendell Holmes that went so: To be seventy years young is sometimes far more cheerful … Continue reading

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